Here’s a shocker, it seems that a 15 year-old given the chance will go to a College keg party. Granted, the 15 year-old in question probably has a better earning potential than anyone else at the bash. But he’s still just a kid like any other.

It does seem strange that it took more than a week for the University of Maryland paper to actually bring this article out…but then again, when I was an undergrad, I had a problem with deadlines as well. Perhaps that would explain the lag between the time of the event and the reporting of it. Of course, I doubt the DC United PR Dept was very prompt in responding to the students requests for more information.

This makes me wonder, what happens the major news outlets pick this story up? MLS has pimped young Adu since before he was signed last year as the Savior of US Soccer. Nevermind that there’s another guy up in San Jose who held that title just a couple years ago. How will the MLS PR folks spin this story? They’ve sold the American Soccer public that Adu is the greatest ever, he can do no wrong…but they are protecting him from any potential bad publicity with this with their actions. I’m guessing they are trying to protect his image. After all, MLS has millions riding on his success. As always with this league, the money invested is more important than the player.

Still no word yet on if Adu’s mother grounded him.


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