DC: Mauled in Mexico

Ouch, that had to have hurt. DC looked like a bunch of armatures last night against Pumas. The DC backline didn’t have any shape most of the second half and it showed. Pumas midfield dominated the middle of the park and on the rare occasion DC did mount an attack, they look like AYSO kids unsure of how to use their team mates. Yet another sign that MLS still has a fair bit to go to reach the level of the top Mexican teams.

One thing though. It does seem to me like the Mexican Clubs are now taking the Champions Cup more seriously. Well, more seriously than they did a few years ago when DC and LA managed to hoist the trophy. It may take some time, but more competition like this will only help the sport in this region. Let’s see if Sapressa can pull the upset tonight that eluded DC.

One last thing, who was the Einstein who scheduled DC to play in Columbus on Friday night just two days after their trip to Mexico City? I know MLS schedules are made prior to knowing weather or not DC had made it to the Semi’s of the Champions Cup, but the schedule makes knew there was the possiblity it could happen. Guess we still have a long way to go after all.


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