I’m bummed…

….and it’s all my fault.

When I moved to the mountains, I decided to offset the cost of the move, I’d cut a few corners on my spending. One of the expenses which got the axe was my MLS Direct Kick (could they come up with a better name?) subscription. I figured I wouldn’t miss much without it. Well, this weekend the big game is the top of the table clash in the West–LA vs Dallas. But we are getting KC vs DC on ESPN2 and New England vs Chivas on FSC. The big game is available in LA and in Dallas but if you don’t live there, you need to spend the $80 for Direct Kick.

I guess I could go on a rant about how they (MLS or whomever makes the broadcast decisions) should do a better job chosing which matches should be on national broadcast, but how would they have known when the made the call who would be top of the table? One day I’ll learn…hopefully.

At least we get the Chicago vs New England match tomorrow.


3 responses to “I’m bummed…

  1. eric
    rumor has it that fsc is gonna show galaxy v dallas live at 10 eastern on saturday!!!!!
    lets all hope its true!

  2. FSC has the New England – Chivas match up at that time. I guess watching the Revs put 5 (or more) past a flapping Guzman isn’t a bad second choice.

  3. i got an email from mls saying this second game has been added to the viewing line up

    i am not going to hold my breath
    but its what the email said
    ya know….

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