Maybe it’s just me

In San Antonio, the Alamodome has been sitting empty with no regular tenant for since the Spurs decided it best to build their own, more suitable venue. The mayor of San Antonio saw an opportunity to use the dome for MLS and attract someone who will bring a use to the stadium and cut the cities losses. The Alamo Bowl is only one day…that hardly counts.

All I’ve seen in the media from the border town after the big announcement has been negative. Then I see this Opinion Piece by…well, I’ve no clue who he is and I doubt I’ll ever hear of him again. However, the guy, like so many others, just doesn’t get it. Like so many members of the sports media in this country, I’m convinced they have no clue about the sport and rather than just admit their ignorance, they ridicule the sport in the hopes that it goes away. I guess it’ll be interesting to see if this changes any time soon….I’m not holding my breath.

Oh, and how dare he knock British candy? That really is below the belt…but it just goes to prove my point, if it’s different and you aren’t used to it, ridicule it.


One response to “Maybe it’s just me

  1. If he would have bagged on Curly-Wurly, I would have had to send him some hate mail.

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