Another MLS Investor?

Has it really only been 5 years since MLS contracted Florida? This season the league added Chivas and Salt Lake. So far this season, we know that Kansas City and San Jose are looking for new owners. San Antonio look to be getting a team one way or the other as does Toronto. It’s possible either the Wiz or Clash (or both) could move to either city but local groups are working hard to keep them where they are. Though both teams have less than ideal stadium situations. Come to think of it, wasn’t the KC-Arrowhead deal once considered to be the best in the league? (must be 4:20)

Anyway, now I read that Andrew Murstein is looking to invest in MLS. Now, I’ve read the article a few times now and besides the fact that he thinks it could be a good investment, I’m not 100% sure he’s going to be able to pull it off as he is looking for someone with deeper pockets to make the initial investment.

So, he’s looking to have a team in either New York or San Antonio. What are the possible options?

  • He could buy either KC or SJ and move them to San Antonio and take advantage of the sweet deal at the Alamodome. However, I’m not convinced that will happen.
  • He could buy an expansion team and place it in San Antonio. This actually could be a good bet if other rumors about Club America starting a team in Chicago and stadium share with the Fire pan out. A second expansion team could be needed.
  • Now, if a team were to move into New York, there’s no doubt it won’t be playing at the Meadowlands. There’s the new stadium the Jets are building. I’m not going to hold my breath and hope the Harrison stadium ever comes to fruition. But I can see him buying the MetroStars. After all, AEG once owned half the league and are currently selling rather than buying.

Only time will tell on this one. Still, the fact that cities seem to be interested in having a team and investors are interested in plonking down money is a good thing.

Whatever happened to Rochester and Seattle? Once upon a time, you would have got good odds that they’d have MLS teams by now.


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