Even more MLS Expansion news

Now this is getting amusing. But I love the rumors.

I posted on Andrew Murstein’s desire to invest in MLS the other day and today, the New York Times gives us more information on what Murstein is looking to do.

Seems as if buying the Wizards and moving this is his plan. He’s talked with the folks in San Antonio, but it seems he’s more interested in trying to work a team to have the team in the New York area and name the team after the old NASL favorites.

Murstein said he would meet with New York City officials this week and would propose building a soccer stadium near Shea Stadium in Queens. He also said he had offered more than $1 million and other incentives to purchase the Cosmos name from Peppe Pinton, who holds the rights to the recognizable team from the North American Soccer League that has not played in more than 20 years. “I like to think I made a realistic offer, but the owner of the trademark has his own idea of what it’s worth,” Murstein said.

This is actually getting interesting. Could it be that the Cosmos end up at Shea and the Metros move somewhere else? AEG isn’t happy with playing at the Meadowlands and Harrison doesn’t seem like it’ll ever happen. Bringing the Cosmos name back to life has been rumored for some time but it never looked like it would happen. How about the San Antonio Metrostars? Doesn’t quite sound right. We’ll need to keep watching this story.


One response to “Even more MLS Expansion news

  1. I would love to have the New York Cosmos in MLS, I would be at every game. I heard Murstein was trying to buy the Cosmos name from Pinton. Please Pinton sell the name. Dont give up Murstein. USA soccer rules!!!!

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