Team of fate?

A few weeks ago, there were a number of articles in the British media like this one which pointed to a series of coincidences which if matched, could lead to Liverpool winning the Champions League. New Popes, Royal events and other similarities between 1978, 1981 and 2005. I thought it amusing at best when I read them. However, after today’s result at Anfield, who knows? I’ve got several Scouse friends back in LA who I know will be having a few pints right about now in celebration. Congrats to the red half of Liverpool.


2 responses to “Team of fate?

  1. In stark contrast to your Scouse friends here in LA, I had a few pints yesterday to commiserate the loss. It was a deserved loss, though, in all honesty.

  2. The Chelski mob (players and fans) were probably still drunk on Vodka from Saturday. 🙂

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