Domestic Dispute in DC

When MLS started in 1996, they made an effort to insure than no MLS team was sharing their stadium with a baseball team. Several USL teams have baseball/soccer stadium sharing but until this season, no MLS team did.

When the Montreal Expos moved to RFK stadium in DC the new Washington Nationals, DC United and RFK stadium people all said they had a plan to insure the room mates would get along. Recently, it was reported that the pitch at RFK was lopsided. Now, it seems there are even more problems with the arrangements.

Who will be the first to move? Will RFK stadium end up with no tenants once all the dust is settled? My guess is that DC United will bite the bullet until the Nationals move out and the have the place all to themselves again.


One response to “Domestic Dispute in DC

  1. I think your guess is right on. The Nats (as they are known ’round these parts) will have their new stadium in a few years. D.C. United is also working on a new stadium deal, but who knows where that stands? Not me.

    I will say that I did catch a Nats game (besides having a United season ticket). The transformation the stadium undergoes amazes me. They swing a ginormous chunk of seats to make room for left field, or to make room for a proper soccer field, depending on how you want to look at it. And the pitching mound is hydraulic, and sinks underground for soccer games.

    Whatever problems they’re having, they really did try hard to avoid the major ones.

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