Forget about the Alamo?

The press in San Antonio has been pretty harsh on MLS and the sport of Soccer from the moment Mayor Ed Garza announced his plan to get someone actually using the facility on a more regular basis than the Alamo Bowl people in December and the odd concert. The idea that an NFL team would want to play there is even more amusing. How many skyboxes does it have? If the Vikings were to move to San Antonio, they’d be expecting the city to build the team a brand new stadium within a couple of years.

So, San Antonio needs to sell 5000 season tickets by August to get a team. In last than a week, they are almost 1% of the way there. Though the local paper sees it as a negative, I don’t. Let’s look at the numbers in July before making any decisions there.

But what got my attention today and caused me to blog this was this piece in today’s paper. Aside for the factual errors–though those are more spin sold as fact–I’m having a tough time figuring out why the paper is so negative about actually having someone in the stadium? If they should be upset at anyone, it should be whoever built that damn facility without a guarantee that it would be used.


One response to “Forget about the Alamo?

  1. Hello PZ, Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog the other day … our Norfolk friends are very easily flustered. Big weekend coming up. Managed to get a ticket for the game at Brighton tomorrow and to say that I have pre-match butterfly’s is an understatement! Cheers (btw thanks for the links to my two blogs – and I just now linked back to you)

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