Much Adu about MLS

(Sorry ’bout the blog title, but I had to.)

Last season, the MLS brain trust got a lot of miles pimping young Freddie as the next great hope…or whatever…for US Soccer now that they’ve given up on Clint Mathis and Landon Donovan. MLS got a lot of miles and sold a lot of tickets last season by pimping the kid. However, often those that bought tickets to see him were disappointed when he came on as a sub late in the game…if he played at all.

I was under the belief that was all over until I saw this piece in the Washington Post.

C’mon people. He’s a 15 year-old kid. Granted, he’s got a ton of talent and I’m sure will be leading the US National Team to great things in a few years. But let’s let him develop. I can understand the argument that he won’t receive great development last season without playing. But this season, MLS was smart (and rich) enough to start the reserve league. Playing in the DC reserves will probably do him much more good than a season coming off the bench in the 70th minute for the first team. Give the kid a chance and I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.


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