Politicians and Sports Teams

The story about San Antonio getting an MLS team just keeps getting more amusing. It’s been such a political pawn from the start, but now it seems to have switch to overdrive. Honestly, I should stop even checking the news there. This started off as a plan to help existing Mayor Ed Garza get reelected in addition to finding a use for the usually empty Alamodome. Now, the NFL wolves are out.

I just really find it amusing that all the other candidates have jumped on this bandwagon. If a team was going to move to San Antonio, they’d have done so already. Spending $200 million to upgrade the stadium? C’mon, that’s even more expensive than the deal Garza had with MLS. I’m glad I’m not a tax payer there. This whole thing has been blown out of proportion. I wonder if Andrew Murstein is still interested in moving the Wizards there? I’m thinking that whatever happens, the votes in San Antonio will be the losers and when the dust settles, they’ll still only have the Spurs.


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