Same ol’ song and dance

It never fails. Every year Ipswich make the playoffs. Every year PZ gets called into a last minute meeting and can’t even follow the match live online. Every year Ipswich crash and burn in the playoff Semi’s. Ok, there have been a couple of exceptions to that rule…but it’s pretty accurate.

I wasn’t able to get to a place where I could watch the match even without today’s meeting. I come back to my office and see Bobby Zamora had put 2 past Town. Wasn’t he a transfer target a few years ago when he was still with Brighton? Either way, from what I’m hearing, Ipswich didn’t deserve to go through to Cardiff.

So, now the Ipswich supporters’ battle cry is, “it’s more fun to watch us win most of our matches and fight for promotion in the Championship than lose most and fight relegation in the Premiership”. But Naaarich fans are saying the same right about now. I really hate the playoffs. Just once, can’t Town go up automatically?

So, on to next season. It seems obvious that Joe Royle needs to strengthen the squad. However, it’s unlikely there will be much money made available to him for transfers. David Sheepshanks was quoted today as saying the club were close to his goal of having half the first-team players come from the Academy. I’m in two minds about that. We’ll see what happens between now and August.


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