Who said the Reserve matches aren’t meaningful?

I’m pretty sure I posted my positive opinion on MLS increasing the size of squads and adding Reserve matches to the schedule. It’s a positive any way you look at it.

However, I always thought of the Reserves as a good way to give players at the end of the bench some game time and a chance to show their potential…and a way for starters to get 90 minutes in without having to risk things on the Varsity team.

Now, the rules for the Reserves are that anyone on the squad can play, however, no player can play in either the Varsity or JV games for more than a combined total of 90 minutes. In the match last weekend between DC and NE Reserves, Jose Cancela played a full 90 minutes for the Revs Reserves. Problem is, he’d also come on late in the match the night before and got credited for playing 2 minutes. In total, he played 92 minutes. No biggie you say? Well, DC United have filed a protest over the result.

What’s amusing is that DC Reserves were 3-1 after 15 minutes (defense was more a theory than a tactic I guess) and ended up losing 4-3. The Revs take on the events?

“We understand the spirit of the rules, but the real purpose of these games is to get players work,” Revolution spokesman Brad Feldman said. “It’s sour grapes. They should be more concerned about teaching their players how to manage a 3-1 lead.”

Ouch, that’s comedy.

…and the league champion only collects a $20,000 bonus! Small steps I guess.


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