What’s on my TV this weekend?

One of the great things about living in the US during the era of Satellite TV is that every weekend of the year, there’s soccer on TV. Ya gotta love modern technology.

So, every Friday I take a break from my slacking at work and plan my TV viewing for the weekend. Naturally, the FA Cup Final is the biggie tomorrow. There’s no chance I’ll be missing that even if I hate both of the teams playing in Cardiff.

However, beyond that, the pickings are slim. There are no other Premiership matches. I don’t get Setanta so I can’t watch the playoff battle between Southend and Northampton (it’s hard to believe that it wasn’t that long ago that Southend were fighting for a Premiership spot)

So, that leaves MLS matches to round off the weekend.

Metros at New England could be interesting. I haven’t seen Djorkaeff yet and the Revs are playing some good ball right now. However, I’m not a big fan of ESPN’s day games. The stadiums are usually empty (lots of people I’m guessing save their ticket and at home) and they usually play at half-pace…or at least that’s my observation. But I’ll probably check it out for no other reason than to see Clint Dempsey in action.

FSC has DC at KC. How are Max and Alan going to create excitement during their broadcast with this one? They can only talk about Freddy Adu for so long before it gets boring. Honestly, KC is so defensive and DC is…well, they haven’t really done much this season so far to perk my interest.

As I’m in the mountains, I can also chose between the Columbus vs. Salt Lake game on FSN and the Chicago vs. Colorado game on Altitude. Either one of them could be fun.

However, why is it that no one thought the original California Derby would be attractive for a national audience? Okay, it’s true. I’m a bit biased here. But I also think the Chivas vs. Dallas game is pretty attractive as well. I guess I shouldn’t complain I can get 4 of this weekend’s 6 matches without the Direct Kick package. But still, it seems whoever makes the call on broadcasts could have done better. I’m sure they could get a ton of promo milage out of the “Landon returns to San Jose” store. But I’m just a fan, what do I know.

At least I can look forward to MLS Wrap and the Monaco Grand Prix early on Sunday.


2 responses to “What’s on my TV this weekend?

  1. Were you able to catch Youri on Saturday, Eric?

    He’s still got the goods, I’m tellin’ you. He’s lifting that entire team.

  2. Lil PZ was being really fussy during the game and I only caught the last couple minutes. I do plan to make a point of catching a Metros game as soon as possible though. Wish I had Direct Kick this season, I enjoyed all those games on MSG in the past.

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