Boring Boring Arsenal – FA Cup Winners

Well, it wasn’t an awful match, but it really could have used Thierry Henry….or a spark of any kind. I mentioned during the first half that the game really needed a goal. If Rio Ferdinand hadn’t been offside when he found the net…or if Wayne Rooney’s shot had been just an inch or two to the left and not hit the post….or if Freddie Ljungberg hadn’t cleared Ruud van Nistelrooy’s header off the line, it would have made things much more interesting as Arsenal would have been forced to push forward a bit more.

But as it was, Arsenal managed a total of one shot on target the entire 120 minutes. But as Man U didn’t take advantage of their opportunities, the Gunners were able to hold on until penalties. It’s a boring tactic but it worked.

Was Tim Howard really warming up to possibly come in for the penalties? I was hoping he would.

At the end of the day, it was still an entertaining match. Congrats to the Gunners for actually winning something this season. Who would have predicted in August that Man U and Arsenal would play in the FA Cup Final and the loser wouldn’t claim any silverware this season?

Is it August yet?


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