Who get’s the first pink slip?

Ok, the season is well underway several MLS coaches have got to be on the hotseat by now.

  • Thomas Rongen – Chivas – Boy do the Goats suck. Rongen took full responsibility for the teams poor performance. However, with the change in goal he made, you have to wonder if he’s actually naming the starting XI. My bet is, he’s first to go…and probably very soon.
  • Greg Andrulis – Colombus – How long will Andrulis be on the hotseat with the ax falling? I think he’ll be around a bit longer.
  • Bob Bradley – Metros – He’s got a team full of talent, but they haven’t produced yet. Is he still living on his glory in Chicago? The Metros would be fools to fire him…but I don’t have a ton of confidence in the Metros management.
  • Dave Sarachan – Chicago – Geez, how’s a guy supposed to perform when his best players keep moving on? Saturday was a good result…but it was only against Colorado.
  • Fernando Clavijo – Colorado – Speaking of Colorado, Clavijo has had a tough time overhauling the lineup in Denver. I’ve seen a few of their games and to me, their biggest problem is a backline that keeps losing it’s shap. If he can get a solid central defender, he may be able to turn things around. I’m not holding my breath though.
  • Domminic Kinnear – San Jose – He’s lived off Frank Yallop’s success for long enough. Now that he doesn’t have Donovan, he’s got a squad full over other teams cast-offs.
  • Steve Sampson – Galaxy – Decent results, but still no real quality performances from LA. He hasn’t won the fans at the HDC over yet…but results and fan opinion have never been taken into consideration by Galaxy managment.

Rongren, Kinnear and Andrulis are my favorates to be gone by the All-Star Break…whenever that is.


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