Weekend Round-up

I’m now realizing how difficult it is to be an MLS fan if you don’t really make a major effort. I’m used to having the MLS Direct Kick PPV package and being able to watch any match I want. However, without it you are really limited.

There was the US-England game on ESPN. I was actually surprised by how entertaining it was. The US were unlucky to not get a better result…but at least the English are happy and can maintain their arrogant posture when it comes to the sport. Good to see Clint Dempsey get on the scoreboard. I’m hoping it’s the first of many in the Red, White and Blue for him.

I suppose this would be a good point to do one of my “I can’t believe MLS still plays matches on International dates” but I’ll save that for next week.

The DC-Dallas game was the only other match I got to see. Dallas are the real deal…I said they would be a force when they added Fish to their squad…looks like I was right for once. O’Brien, Johnson and Ruiz have really become a force. I’m sure he’ll be back in form sooner rather than later. What’s with DC? Losing Ryan Nelson can’t have set them back that far…can’t it?

I was glad to hear LA stuffed Chivas again…looks like Rongren is going to be shown the door finally. Too bad it’s not his fault as much as it’s Vargara’s for thinking he could just put any XI on the pitch and win. Oops. I wonder if Rongren’s replacement has any idea what he’s walking into?

Ok, so Tuesday evening England play Columbia at the Meadowlands. Too bad that match won’t be on TV. Instead, we get we get the Meadowlands nightcap, Metros hosting Chicago on FSC. I guess it could be worse.


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