Making up the rules as you go

I just love to give my Scouse friends grief. This week, the big topic of discussion has been their belief that they should be in the Champions League last season just because they won.

Ya see, the rules are that the top 4 teams in the domestic league qualify from England for the Champions League. There’s nothing that says a team that wins the Champs League automatically qualifies for the next years competition.

Ok, so the Spanish FA told Real Zaragoza a couple years ago that if Real Madrid won Zaragoza are outta luck and get a go at the UEFA Cup. The difference is, the decision was made well before the final. The English FA hedged their bet and didn’t make a commitment. Guess they really didn’t think Liverpool could do it. But they did and now there’s a mess…well, as far as Scousers are concerned.

So, the Anfield mob are going on about how they should be able to defend their title…and the rest of the world are yawning and if they have an opinion it’s that you don’t make up the rules in the middle of the game.

Of course, if it were last years winner Porto who hadn’t qualified for this years competition, no one would be giving a second thought to all this and they’d be enjoying the UEFA Cup….or just their domestic competition. Guess the rules change depending on who you are.


4 responses to “Making up the rules as you go

  1. alright mate, here is the scouse inferiority complex coming out. But don’t you think that if man u had been playing in the final, the FA would have been telling everton to get ready for the UEFA cup?

  2. If it were Everton who’d won the champs league and finished 5th, they’d have told the Goodison mob to enjoyed the UEFA Cup.

    sorry, but I don’t agree with bending the rules.

  3. but that wasn’t my question.

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