AEG sells another one

It looks like DC United will have new ownership in the not too distant future. I guess this means AEG will be down to owning 4 teams with San Jose probably having a new owner (and a new city) some time soon.

Ok, so Payne’s people are going to put up $20 million for one of the most successful teams in the league. My memory is a little fuzzy but Vargara paid $10 million last summer for Chivas (more to put the team in LA) and wasn’t the fee for a team back in ’96 only $5 million to get going? Looks to me like MLS teams are a good investment…at least in terms of resale.

I’m betting AEG stay involved in the DC stadium project if they can ever get it off the ground. AEG do a great job of entertainment facility development and management…it’s just been my experience that they haven’t always done a great job of putting a team package together (read through my entire blog for numerous examples)

In all, this is a good thing.

On a similar note, it looks like a team in San Antonio any time soon is now dead and buried. Toronto, Houston, Seattle, St. Louis, Rochester, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee and Philadelphia are now the primary focus for future MLS expansion. When was St. Louis added to the mix?


2 responses to “AEG sells another one

  1. I completley agree that this is a good thing. AEG’s cross ownership has always been a potential liability, no matter how many chinese walls you might put in place. Payne at least knows the team.

  2. St. Louis would be a great place for a club. The amazing thing to me is that is hasn’t been mentioned before, and I think that’s only because no single group has emerged from that market to try for it.

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