My boring weekend

Well, this weekend wasn’t the best for watching footie in this country. Ok, so I caught bits of the Holland vs Japan U-20 game on Friday night. It was a good way to start the weekend. It was a wide-open end-to-end game that finished 2-1 to the home team.

Saturday morning I got to see the US kids take on the Argie youth as well. Great game and the American youngsters won. It was good to see Adu, Spector, Barrett and Gaven playing at this level. Adu didn’t have a great game but I love watching him take on defenders at full speed. The guy who really caught my eye was Marvell Wynne. I thought he looked solid and I’m sure we’ll be seeing him with an MLS team soon.

Too bad that was the highlight of my viewing this weekend. My month-old son and I settled down to watch Columbus vs Colorado…but wisely, he fell asleep as soon as it started…only a month old and he already knows boring footie when he sees it….ok, maybe it was a coincidence. I ended up doing chores while the match was on.

The LA-Real game was a bit better…but not much. At least LA can create chances. Too bad LA has to rely on Donovan to do everything. Is it me…or is Kirovski a striker than can’t shoot? I maybe wrong, but I’m pretty sure the only goals he’s scored this season have come from direct free kicks. It would be nice if he could hit a moving ball and get it on target once in a while.

With half the MLS matches being played on Sunday this week, why did FSC bother to produce an MLS Wrap? Wouldn’t it have been more worthwhile to do it Sunday evening this week?

Looks like Chivas managed to steal a point at home. It’s amusing that both goals in that match against San Jose were scored by LA Rejects. What’s the record for worst record in an MLS season? Chivas have to be on pace to hit that one.

Thank God for the Youth Championship matches…otherwise, the weekend would have been worse.


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