The end for San Jose?

According to Metro Fansite, MetroEmpire, Alexi Lalas will be taking the helm at the Meadowlands shortly. The article provides lots of speculation but I’m betting the key part of the article is that the team from the city by the bay are going to be history in the not too distant future.

UPDATE: Looks like Soccernet (ESPN) has picked up on this as well. At least it adds legitimacy to the rumor.

Another UPDATE: Wow, now we have come comments from the man. And in true Lalas fashion, he delivers a good one.

“We have a lot of work to do,” Lalas said. “We need to strive to become the first superclub to emerge from MLS. The race is on for that distinction, but I’ll be damed if I’ll let the poseurs in L.A. beat us to the punch.”

It wasn’t that long ago that he was one of those “poseurs in L.A.” I guess a couple of years in San Jose can make you forget your glory years. Of course, I’ll take those comments from Lalas more seriously once the Metros actually win something.


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