Smurf..errrr Quake Quotes

Is it me, or have the Quakes got more media coverage (at least in the San Jose Mercury News) after the rumors of the possibility of the team moving first came to light?

I have to laugh at how Ann Killion is now the voice of the fans these days.

OK, OK, we get it. Everything in the AEG universe — the MetroStars, the Los Angeles Galaxy, dead Egyptians — has priority over the Earthquakes. The Earthquakes, despite winning two Major League Soccer championships in the past four years, are the team AEG loves to hate.

She sure sounds bitter. What she didn’t mention was that if anyone showed up for games at Spartan Stadium, maybe Anchutz would be more important than the dead Egyptians.

Of course, the man in the middle, Alexi Lalas is much more diplomatic with his comments about his employer.

I said this before, I work for AEG. With all respect to the A, the E is what we are all about. We will have a team that will entertain collectively and individually. We need players, we need coaches and we need a front office staff that understands their responsibility to entertain, promote and sacrifice for this team on and off the field. I want players with ability first and foremost, I want players with personality and I want players with character. Its what everybody here demands, its what our fans demand, and its what our fans deserve and ultimately it is what is going to enable us to win championships.

But then again, the Metros are one of the teams AEG loves.

Good luck Alexi.


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