Here come the Big Boys

The LA Times is reporting that Chelsea, AC Milan and Real Madrid will be in the US next month playing MLS teams.

Real will play a couple of games in LA at the HDC. One of them will be against LA Galaxy, the second opponent hasn’t been named yet. Chelsea will be in DC playing DC United and AC Milan will play the Fire in Chicago. Milan and Chelsea will play against each other as well.

AEG/MLS/SUM–or at least one of those intertwined organizations bought the rights and contacts to the Champions World tour last month which has brought top European teams to the US the last couple of summers. Now this event has a new twist.

Also, last summer AEG owned LA Galaxy had been working to bring Real Madrid to LA for a friendly. Looks like it took another year to organize.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about this in the next few weeks.


4 responses to “Here come the Big Boys

  1. AEG is also behind Beckham’s soccer academy…which is conveniently located at the Home Depot Center.

  2. Very true…and let’s not forget the tie-in with Adidas as well. The do Real’s kits, the are sponsors for the HDC and LA (as well as the rest of MLS) will be wearing Adidas kits next season.

  3. I thought someone outbid AEG for Champions World at the last minute?

  4. yeah…some Italian company that then put the same crew in charge of running things. I didn’t bother updating my blog when I found out later. Thanks for the update.

    BTW, doesn’t seem like the CW crew are doing much this summer.

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