Manc fans make me laugh

Seriously, if they put half the effort into supporting the club that they are putting into stopping Glazer’s takeover, they’d be a lot stronger than they currently are.

Tony Lloyd, the Labour MP for Manchester Central, said:

“Last night I heard an interesting legal opinion that this matter could be looked at as a public interest issue. I have been advised that there is nothing to stop the competition authorities looking at the question of public interest and reporting their views as to whether this bid matches the public interest test. I have asked the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Alan Johnson, to refer it to the authorities.”

C’mon people. You complain that Glazer’s business plan is too heavily leveraged…yet you constantly add to his legal bills by bringing up stuff like this just to stop the takeover bit. What a great way to help your club. Man City fans must be loving this.


One response to “Manc fans make me laugh

  1. incendiarymind

    I love the fact that Manchester United fans are trying to drive their own club into the ground to prove a point.

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