TV rant

Is it any wonder MLS isn’t catching on when two of the top teams are playing each other tomorrow and there’s won’t be any TV camera’s there to capture the match?

Yeah, I know both Dallas and LA are coming off disappointing results. However, for the most part they’ve been two of the hottest teams in the league this season. Throw in the Carlos Ruiz angle (yeah, I know he’s injured) and you’ve got what has to be the most interested match-up this weekend.

Okay, so contracts and that mean that the National TV schedule (ESPN and FSC) was set before the season started. But this deal the Galaxy (with Chivas) has with FSN in So Cal is supposed to be the best out there. You’d think someone who has any power would look at what was going on and figure out a way to get this match broadcast live in So Cal….and for those forking out the cash for the MLS Direct Kick PPV package. Not having this match available really–in my opinion–reduces the value of paying the extra bucks to get just about every MLS match.

Oh well, I guess I’ll check the score on Sunday. At least I have the opportunity to wake up early tomorrow and watch the US Kids take on Egypt and move on to the next round of the Kids World Cup.

I guess it’s a good thing FSC has the DC-New England match on. That should be interesting…but it’s still not the top-of-the-table clash we’ll be missing in Dallas.


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