The most important day of the Summer…in England

Today is the day soccer fans in England have been waiting for since May (or earlier if their team were at the top or the bottom of the table last season). The Fixture lists for the 05-06 seasons have been released.

For Ipswich Fans,–yes, I’m one–the season starts at home against Cardiff. Big games against the scum from Norfolk are on Sept 17 and Feb 4…though they are usually moved back to Sunday at the request of local cops. The season will end with what’s expected to be an easy run against Luton, Stoke, Brighton, Watford, Derby and Plymouth. There’s a surprising 9 day break before Christmas and the season ends in April. I guess this is so all the Internationals involved in the World Cup next summer will have time to prepare…can’t see it effecting anyone on Town’s squad though.

Here’s the entire Championship Fixture List…Nah, I don’t care what’s going on in the Premiership.


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