Why there should never have been a ton of hype over a 15-year old.

I knew this would eventually happen. Last year, all we heard about was Freddie Adu being the “next Pele”. How often is that type of hype the “Kiss of Death”? So, young Freddie goes to Holland and plays with/against players several years older than he…and has a poor performance. There are quite a few media reports that single him out and his failure with spot kicks. Too bad the other 10 guys on the field in white jerseys didn’t do well either.

I feel bad for the kid…but he’s getting paid a heck of a lot more than I. He’s paid to deal with it. Still, I knew last year it was a mistake to pump up his potential so much…and it’s looking like I might have been right.

Still, he’s got a ton of talent and I’m still confident that in a few years he’ll be a great player…but that’s still a few years away. Let’s keep that in mind before we start touting what he will be. Let’s remember what he is, a great young player that could one day be awesome.


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