Chivas are a mess

Boy, I wish I knew more of what happened on Saturday. Ryan Suarez gets substituted in the 30th minute of their match in Kansas City and blows up at the coach (The new Dutch guy…can’t remember his name) as he leaves the pitch. Today he gets waived.

Personally, I think Suarez had more heart than most of the Galaxy defenders the last few years. Yeah, he could be awkward and late on challenges at times. But you always knew he gave 100% every match. Hope he lands somewhere good.

UPDATE: There’s more info on the events Saturday night which lead to the dismissal in today’s LA Times. I can see more changes like this. Not sure what Dutch guy is doing. Playing the “Boss Card” like this sure isn’t going to win a lot of players over. Could things get worse for them?

So, here’s the big question, will Chivas end up having the worst season in MLS history this year. Currently, they have 6 points from 16 games. It looks like they are on pace to get between 10 and 12 points this season. The MLS worst is either Tampa Bay in ’01 who got a massive 14 points from 27 matches…or Metros who got 15 points from 32 matches in ’99. On their current pace, Chivas will smash that record.


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