DC invited to this years Copa Sudamerica

I’m honestly surprised no Press Release has come out about this yet. After all, MLS bosses keep telling us that they want the league and the teams in this league to become world class. However, hidden away from the English media it seems that DC United have been invited to play in the Copa Sudamerica which starts in Sept or Oct (not much info available for us “Gringos” to read).

I’m hoping they are able to accept this bid. Even though they’ve been a bit off this season, DC have been a decent team. Though I can see how it could conflict with possible playoff matches.

We’ll see. Even with a poor performance, it’s still a great experience for DC players….and heck, how can you go wrong if they get one of South America’s top teams playing at RFK in a competitive match?

UPDATE: Go figure. As soon as I post they were invited but hadn’t made a decision…they go and make a decision. Now I hafta hope they are on TV.


2 responses to “DC invited to this years Copa Sudamerica

  1. if there was a comprehensive web site out there that covered latin/south american football in english, i’d never leave the house.

  2. I’ve heard that about you. 😉

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