But what if they start winning silverware?

Man U fans seem to be determined to ruin their club. Seriously, while in London yesterday, the Glazer Klan said all the right things to the FA and other’s asking about their plans. They are business people and I can’t see anyone intentionally wanting to ruin their property.

So, what will happen if Man U start winning trophies with the Glazers at the helm? What will these militant fans do then? I don’t think the local police are too sympathetic towards the fans right now. Seriously, those death threats aren’t too smart.

Well, the Glazers now have Bobby Charlton in their corner as well. I see the Glazers in the mix for a while. Hope those 300 upset fans enjoy their FC United matches.


One response to “But what if they start winning silverware?

  1. Red Through and Through

    I am a Manchester United fan, not as you suggest a militant. Football means more to me than winning silverware. Manchester United is my Club. It is the club my grandparents supported, my parents supported and the club I and my son support. Manchester United is more than the circus that has been created by the greedy TV/Media moguls. That is the Manchester United that American sports fans know. That is the Manchester United that the Glazer clan know. Manchester United should not be seen as a money making vehicle, it is a sporting club founded for the enjoyment of the fans. For many that feeling of being part of a great club has been torn away. I attend every FC United match. Those 300 have grown to almost 2500 regulars. 2500 regulars who go along, watch a bunch of players who are proud to pull on the Red shirt and give 100%, not wonder what to spend their next weeks £100,000 salary on. That £100,000 is money that I have put into the club. The club has become an obese shadow of its former self.
    I represent the Heart and Soul of the club. When Glazer has made his millions or got fed up with Soccer UK style the club will be begging for those 2500 FC United fans to fill the empty spaces on the terraces (sorry seats). FC United provide something that anyone from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean will never understand, FC United provide true Passion.

    Follow, Follow, Follow!

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