Earthquakes in Houston??

It seems the long rumored move by Club America of buying the San Jose Earthquakes from AEG and moving them to Houston may be about to happen. It looks like at first they’ll call the AstroDome their home. Let’s hope talks go better than the last city in Texas with an empty dome that tried to fill it with an MLS team.

Anyway, this sounds like it’s pretty much a done deal. Quake fans will need to enjoy booing Landon now as it doesn’t look like get the chance to do so next season.

It took 10 years, but it look like MLS will now have it’s first relocated franchise. That’s a much better record than the NASL. Of course, Kansas City could also be in another city by April as well. We’ll see how this goes.


6 responses to “Earthquakes in Houston??

  1. tough times call for tough action. The Quakes need to be hacked on the shopping block once more to inspire animosity up north…. they couldn’t get 30,000 fans in that stadium if they went back in time and played the Galaxy for the first time ever….Sell Em.

  2. If they do go to Houston, let’s hope they get the hell out of that dome as soon as possible. What a shame. Let’s also hope that Club America takes MLS competition more seriously than Chivas did.

  3. I’d hope they’d do a better job of building the squad than worry about playing in the dome.

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