Two and four wheels this weekend….where the footie?

Maybe it’s me, but I can’t believe that unless you live in an MLS town or have the Direct Kick PPV package, only two matches over the July 4 weekend were available…and you had to have FSC to get it.

Thankfully, sports events in France (Formula 1 GP and Tour de France) kept me entertained. Sorry, but wall-to-wall tennis on ESPN just doesn’t excite me.

Friday night we get some W-League match…where’s the remote?

Saturday, we get DC and Columbus. Ok, so DC are alright, but Columbus put me to sleep.

I figured it would be a weekend without any footie I wanted to see…but then the Galaxy – New England game was on Monday night (not sure how I missed that listing).

So, MLS continues to play matches while it’s top players are off doing other things–in this case, the Gold Cup. I should have known better.

Now, I’ve been following the Galaxy since ’96. For the most part, it’s been fun. But honestly, Steve Sampson has managed to produce a team that may as well not bother half the time. Thankfully, we got to see Grabavoy and Gordon last night. I know Gordon has been injured, but honestly I can’t understand why Sampson insists on some of his starters. If it wasn’t for Kevin Hartman, the match would have been over early with the Revs heading home with 3 points. It’s a good thing the Revs were missing so many starters or it could have been worse. I’m not sure it’s what Sampson planned, but putting Mike Enfield and Herculez Gomez on makes him seem a much better tactician than he really is. It was a nice goal from Enfield. I’m actually glad I got to see the youngsters play.

However, why was Cobi brought off when he was producing most of the spark going forward? What’s with the disorganized at the back? And why is Naldo seeing any time on the pitch?

That equalizer seemed always on the way…of course, it couldn’t have happened much later.

Anyway, I may or may not get to see some Gold Cup games the next few week–I’m not sure I get that Spanish Language channel. To be honest, the highlights on the Fox Sports World Report may be enough for me.

It’s sad really, here we are at what should be an exciting part of the MLS season. We are past the halfway point and teams are sorting themselves out. But no, we get games with the top players gone playing games many of us won’t get to see. Maybe it’s just me, but something isn’t right here. Oh well, teams in Europe are getting ready for the new season.

At least I can spend July watching Lance Armstrong do his lap of honor around France. How sad is it that France is producing the only sports entertainment on the 4th of July Weekend?


One response to “Two and four wheels this weekend….where the footie?

  1. incendiarymind

    Go Bobby Julich!

    That aside, the transfer rumors produced a lot of entertainment. The silly season has reached its silliest.

    Also, the Gold Cup is on three of the four major Spanish networks (owned by the same company) – talk about media conglomeration. You must get at least one of them.

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