The whoring of the Galacticos (Empty your Wallet Here Pt II)

I’ve got to hand it to the Galaxy/AEG for making the most of the opportunity to play Real Madrid. I wonder how much AEG are playing the Spanish side for showing up? Anyway, this email showed up in my inbox today. So, the Galaxy are auctioning off the chance ot have your kid walk out on the pitch with Beckham, Ronaldo or Zidane. Of course, that’s only if they play…Otherwise, you pay $1,000 to walk with some other Real player.

So, at the time of my posting this, a chance to walk with David Beckham is currently going for $1,050, Ronaldo is an even $1,000 and Zidane is currently a bargain at $710. Following the bidding on ebay here.

Maybe it’s me, but Real must be asking for a ton of money to play the match in LA as the Galaxy seem to be pulling out every angle they can to make money off this match. Expect to see t-shirts and hats in the merchandise stands as well. But $30 to see Real practice?

Well, hopefully everyone gets their money’s worth.

Is it me, or is it sad that the biggest, most publicized match of the Galaxy season is nothing more than a preseason warm up for the opposition?


5 responses to “The whoring of the Galacticos (Empty your Wallet Here Pt II)

  1. this is absurd! 1050 to have your kid walk on the field with beckham — and there’s no guarantee he’ll even be there? wow.

  2. incendiarymind

    Oh Beckham will be there, there’s just no guarantee he’ll be sober after a night out in his favorite United States city.

  3. I never really thought of Becks as much of a drinker…but what do I know.

    Well, there’s been no new activity on any of the auctions since yesterday. Oh, and is just noticed…that doesn’t come with tickets. You can win the auction but have to buy tickets to the match on top of the auction cost in order to see your little one walk with the legand.

    More whoring. 🙂

  4. More whoring. 🙂

    Hey, if it makes the Galaxy and MLS some coin, I’m fine with it.

  5. The way they are whoring the match…I’m wonder if they are just trying to cover the costs rather than worrying about making money. 😉

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