First it was Landon…

…Now it looks like Chivas may get their savior with the signing of Juan Pablo “El Loquito” Garcia from Atlas. He’s saying the right things already…

“I am very happy to be with Chivas USA because they value my qualities as a player and because they believe that I will contribute to the team in a league that has grown a lot in the last years.”

…and the fact that a player of his talent is joining the team at his age has got to be a coup of some kind. Of course, if I’m being a cynic, I’ll point out that I’m guessing Vargara signed him to keep Club America from getting him and then put him in LA with the Chivas JV squad in order to make it seem like the long-term goal for Garcia is to have him with the Varsity squad in Guadalajara.

Maybe I’m wrong with by conspiracy theory…but I wouldn’t put it past Vargara. And who knows? Chivas Lite can use him right about now.


One response to “First it was Landon…

  1. That’s the same theory we have. It’ll be interesting next spring to see where he is.

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