Just some thoughts on some media I found today

Yeah, it’s a boring Friday at the office.

  • Who the heck is/are Bowling for Soup? Ah, what am I complaining about? The All-Star is a waste of time anyway. I do love the way the Press Release sells the band tough. It makes the what MLS puts out trying to sell an ESPN broadcast of a Chivas-Colorado match sound believable.
  • You’ve got to love stories like this one from West Virginia. Doesn’t it warm your…errr…you know. It’s gonna take some time, but the sport of soccer will eventually be every kids favorite past-time…well, maybe.
  • The media (or at least the paper…or rather one reporter/editor) in Rochester seems to think an MLS team would do well there. I hate to burst your bubble Mr. Matthews, but there’s no way the league would allow an expansion team in your city to have that much talent.
  • Now, this is refreshing. I’m betting if this deal goes through, we’ll be hearing the name Neil Barrett a lot. I’m thinking Ronnie O’Brian here. However, I can’t decide if saying MLS is on par with the SPL is an insult or compliment to either league.
  • …and finally, I had to include the latest on Adu to New York saga. However, I don’t believe Lalas was serious when he made the comments. But I guess it’s still publicity for the team/league even if it should have died out a few days ago.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now.


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