This is Real(ly) disappointing me

I know I’ve been pretty negative about how Galaxy management are selling anything they can for the upcoming friendly at the HDC with Real Madrid. But now it’s starting to upset me as a fan of the Galaxy.

According to today’s SGV Tribune the Galaxy are more interested in their performance in the friendly than the league that week. The match against Real Madrid will take place only 2 days after a league game. Thankfully, that match is against Chivas. However, I’m worried that Sampson is under enough pressure that he may risk playing some reserves in the Chivas match in order for starters to be fresh for Mondays match.

“It’s been made very clear to me that the Real Madrid game is very important,’ Sampson said with a grin. “I have my marching orders get three points on Saturday night and be very competitive on Monday night.’

Sampson said the game is critical on many levels, from trying to compete against arguably one of the finest teams in the world Real Madrid has a won 29 Spanish league titles and nine European Cups, both records to showing credibility for MLS. He said his players won’t be in awe of their more famous Real Madrid counterparts, which include David Beckham, Michael Owen, Robert Carlos, Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane.

“We’re not going to be going around asking for autographs, let’s put it that way,’ Sampson said. “We know how important it is for the league. Every player that is going to be playing in front of a live audience and worldwide television audience knows what a great opportunity it is for them personally to show what they can do. And jointly, to represent the MLS flag, quite frankly.

“And we know that’s a huge responsibility.’

So, could a couple losses be the of the road for Sampson at the helm of the Galaxy? I doubt it, there’s still more damage he can do.

Seriously though. Galaxy management–as always–seems to have their priorities out of order. This match against Real is a good opportunity to play some quality competition and bring people to the HDC to see them. But the league should be the top priority. But it still doesn’t seem that way. I’ve been saying since ’96 that as long as they put the best possible XI on the pitch, fans will eventually come. Guess those XI will be wearing white rather than the green and gold sash on the 18th.


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