Catching up with the Open Cup

I love this competition. I just wish there was a way of effectively doing more with it. but I do enjoy seeing the USL teams match up against the Big Boys. Maybe one day it’ll reach more people and ticket sales won’t be such a huge disappointment. I could go on a major rant on how things could be done better, but I’m trying to stay positive so I’ll just look on where we are in this years competition.

We are currently in the 3rd Round of this years competition.

Last night, Portland got past rivals Seattle 2-0. The Timbers will play San Jose (as usual) in the next round.


While I love the fact that the Cup gives teams from lower leagues the chance to play MLS teams in meaningful games, I also like the fact that teams not doing so well in the league (that’s you Chivas and Real) the chance to make amends for a poor season so far with a good run in the cup. Oh yeah, we already have playoffs…well, I’m sure I’ll go on a playoff rant in a couple of months so I’ll resist the temptation for now.


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