I’ll hit the snooze button.

Big Whoop. MLS announced the All-Star line-up. Honestly, I just can’t get excited about watching the game. However, I thought it amusing to see which teams got how many starters.

  • Dallas – 4
  • NE – 3
  • RSL – 1
  • Metro – 1
  • LA – 1
  • KC – 1
  • SJ – 0
  • DC – 0
  • Colo – 0
  • Chi – 0
  • CDC – 0
  • C’bus – 0

Wow! OK, so there are 12 teams and there can be only 11 starters. But only half the leagues teams will have a starter on the pitch. The majority of starters are from NE and Dallas which makes sense as they are the best two teams right now. But naming no players from 3 of the last 4 MLS Cup winners? I’m sure there are a ton more takes here but this really is amusing.

I’m sure the teams not listed will have representation when the subs are named (Adu) but I was sure MLS would have come up with some way to spread starters among more teams.


2 responses to “I’ll hit the snooze button.

  1. incendiarymind

    Do you really want the MLS to be like baseball where teams that don’t deserve all-star selections get them?

  2. No…I’d rather MLS give up on the idea of the All-Star game as based on attendance and TV viewers no one really cares about the ‘event’. They’d be better off spending their efforts in other areas…but of course, all kinds of current agreements are already in place which make that difficult.

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