Now this is great news

I’ve been a huge critic of Peter Wilt’s removal as GM of the Fire. I thought it was a huge mistake. No other GM has done more to build a strong, loyal fan base for their team. Certainly Doug Hamilton could learn a few things there.

So, I was happy to read this morning that he’s heading up a group in Milwaukee to bring a team to that town. I’m of the belief that the location of a team isn’t as important as having good people running the team right now. Teams in towns that should have done well, haven’t (Miami, NY) and teams in towns that didn’t make sense, have (Salt Lake). So, I’m sure any team there will do well.

Of course, then the question of expansion or relocation comes up. It’s looking more and more like the Earthquakes will be moving to Houston but then there’s the situation with Kansas City. Could this group in Milwaukee be the new owners? Probably not, but the timing of all this seems interesting.

So, I guess this means possible expansion in ’08.

UPDATE: I just found this. It looks like a stadium could be part of the deal.


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