Who knew???

Completely under the radar it seems that the US has made it to the final of the Gold Cup after beating Honduras last night 2-1. It’s a shame really. The largest competition the US play in (outside of the World Cup) and it’s near impossible for most English speakers in this country to follow. I know it’s not worth it to me to pay extra to get the channels it’s on.

Anyway, Panama on Sunday. good luck to the boys. Too bad Arena won’t be on the sidelines as it seems he got in a bit of a tiff last night.


One response to “Who knew???

  1. hey man, I was at the game yesterday. It was insane, easily 95% Honduran fans, it was hard to swallow until we pulled the upset at the end. You got a good blog, check ours out at http://www.correira.com Let’s get them on sunday!

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