A Galaxy without the Force

Nick Green at the Daily Breeze seems to be slightly influenced by Star Wars in an article today. To be honest, I’m glad he did. The situation at the HDC right now isn’t that fun to read about for Galaxy fans. LA hasn’t won a game on the road this season. The players Sampson brought in haven’t done a thing…expect possibly Landon Donovan who was a gift. Things aren’t looking great for the team and he even suggests that Sampson (and Hamilton) should be getting their resumes ready.

That heavy breathing behind you, Steve — and for that matter the guy who hired him, General Manager Doug Hamilton — is more likely emanating from Tim Leiweke than Darth Vader.

One thing though Mr. Green, Jovan Kirovski joined the team before the start of the 2004 season. Sigi was still in charge back then. But you’re right, he has been a disappointment as have all of Sampson’s big signings.

Bottom line, I’m certain it’s now a case of when rather than if Sampson is replaced. How long it’ll take to clean up the mess he’s made, that’s another story.


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