Now this is the right attitude

Last week, I watched LA get torn apart by Real Madrid. The 2-0 score flattered the Galaxy and everyone went away happen even though fans paid through the nose for the chance to see the match.

So, let’s cross to the other side of the Pacific were the Spanish Giants are right now. They played Tokyo Verdy over the weekend and got thumped 3-0. On top of that, Verdy player, Toda spat in Becks face as the teams left the pitch at half-time.

“Toda spat in my face. That in life is horrible – but in football no players like that. Our players saw it and were not happy,” said Beckham.

What’s great, though, is the way the Japanese papers have reported things.

So, why is it that the Galaxy looked like a little league baseball team playing the Yankees? Verdy had the right attitude and took it to Real and got a good result. LA seemed to be too busy running around in awe to notice they were actually in the middle of a match.

I hope Chicago and DC have the right attitude when playing Inter Milan and Chelsea later this week. Yeah, they are only ‘friendly’s’ but it would be nice if there was more effort made on the pitch than there was selling tickets to the game at the HDC for as much as possible.


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