You’ve gotta love this guy

As a Galaxy fan, I can’t tell you how much watching the LA-DC match on Saturday pissed me off. If Doug Hamilton can’t see how much Peter Nowak outcoached Steve Sampson, then he has no business having any say who should be leading any MLS team.

But I want to stay positive today so I’m going to talk about Herculez Gomez. SoCal Soccer News had a good interview with him the other day. Now, I’m going to go on record–probably a little late–and claim that I thought the kid was solid back in ’02 when he first got a chance with the team. I’m glad to see that with the addition of the reserve squads in MLS, he’s finally got the chance to prove himself for an entire season he’s making the most of the chance. Heck, I wonder what his answer would have been if you’d have told him a year ago he’d be starting for LA against Real Madrid?

Now these are the success stories we don’t see enough of coming from MLS. Instead, you see tired Freddy Adu and Landon Donovan Press Releases (yeah, I know they don’t have much control over the Media…but they can push them in the right direction)

So, Here’s hoping the league clues in and makes stories like Herc more of a priority.

As for the Galaxy’s game on Saturday…the less I say, the better.


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