I’m sure this isn’t how Strachan wanted to start the job.

Hands up all those who have ever heard of Artmedia Bratislava. Yeah, me neither. Geez, how the heck can Celtic lose 5-0 even it it’s away? Boy, it’ll be a long trip back from Slovakia–can’t believe it took several minutes to find that…yes, I had to look up where the teams from–for the Green and White skirt wearer’s.

So, it should be an interesting return leg in Glasgow. Celtic have to win by at least 5 goals. I wonder what went wrong? Maybe Scottish Footie isn’t that good…though I’m sure Rangers fans would have a bit to say there.

I wonder what Strachan had to say after the match…then again, I’ve never understood a word he’s said. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s his accent or just the fact that he mumbles everything he says. Anyway, I’ve always liked him as a manager but he has to be shell-shocked losing like this in his first competitive match in charge.

Oh, looks like Liverpool did a little better. Though they did give up the first goal.


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