It’s a great day for DC fans

As if playing Chelsea tonight in a friendly isn’t enough….the even Empire (AEG) is announcing the sale of the team to local investors.

Now, anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis knowns I’m not the biggest fan of AEG–or at least the way they do things in LA–so I can only see this move as a positive for the fans in DC. Looks like they’ll be getting a new stadium as well, though I’m not holding my breath until it’s official. Hope it’s a good match tonight and congrats to the DC faithful. (I can’t believe I just said that after what Freddie Abu did on Saturday)


2 responses to “It’s a great day for DC fans

  1. Lots of fun, even if it was at FedEx Field. I have to watch the tape. I’ve been told by co-workers I put in an appearance.

    Big tailgate party before hand. All the DC supporters clubs joined together for a free food/beer fest. I saw at least three kegs get tapped before the game started. Large contingent of Chelsea fans with us. Occasional chants back and forth to warm things up. 😉 Best was when both groups were chanting ‘campeones’ (if I spelled that right).

    For those that follow MLS, you were probably shocked to learn that our goal was the result of a corner kick. 🙂 2nd Chelsea goal might have been stopped if Rimando was between the posts. Perkins doesn’t have the same speed to come out of the net as Nick. Nearly every DC player had a chance to run against the Blues with frequent subs the second half. And Jose had almost two different teams starting each half.

    Capacity at FedEX Field is around 90K. We had 30K+ Fairly full lower bowl. Decent atomosphere. All in all I think DC represented the league well.

  2. Thought I saw you in one of the shots where they panned the crowd…but wasn’t sure.

    Entertaining match. At least DC didn’t roll over the LA did against Real.

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