Can this be the beginning of the end…

..for these international money making tours?

Yeah, I’ve been pretty critical of how LA Galaxy whored their match with Real Madrid. However, I’m not the only one being critical.

Things didn’t go as smooth as everyone had hoped in Asia. It wasn’t that long ago that most people there acted like everyone in LA did. Now FIFA is saying these tours are a bad thing. Here’s a shocker, it seems big Euro teams doing these whirlwind tours are taking money out of the pockets of the local clubs. though I’m sure AEG would disagree.

But now it seems the players (well, Becks) are now complaining. Have things tours really helped teams prepare for their domestic campaign? I seem to recall teams not doing too well after these far flung tours. Seems to me they make money but not champions. I could be wrong though…but we’ll see how Real, Man U, Chelsea and Inter start their seasons.


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