Catching up on some stuff I’ve wanted to post

Things are going great in Des Moines right now. Not only will they get to play Kansas City in the Open Cup on Wednesday, but they are through to the Semi’s of the PDL playoffs. They’ll host Orange County Blue Star next weekend in the PDL Semi’s.

It looks like there will be a bidding war to sign Freddy Adu once he turns 18. Chelsea seem very interested. During the broadcast of the match on Thursday, it was mentioned that Adu’s mother watched the match from Chelsea’s box. Would that be considered Tapping?

Best quote in the piece had nothing to do with Adu though.

The home fans sang “overrated” suggesting that, whatever the comparison in football terms, standards of chanting in the States have yet to reach Premiership quality.

Yeah, I’ll agree that more work is needed there.

Pizza Hut Park looks like it’ll be ready on time. Based on what I’m reading, they are learning for the mistakes in Carson and doing things better there. But if you have tickets, get there early. They are expecting riots at the Ikea opening this weekend just down the street.

And finally, something from HRH Grahame Jones. He reported on Don Garber’s State of the League Address. Honestly, there’s nothing really groundbreaking but it’s worth the mention as once again, Garber commented on aligning with FIFA’s International Calender. At least this time he’s not talking about a winter league but having a break during July. A wise choice getting rid of those midday games played in 100 degrees regardless of the reasons.


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