How to end your career £1 million at a time.

How the mighty have fallen. Michael Own wanted to leave Liverpool and chase the big bucks (quid?…Peso?…) in Madrid. Then there was talk about him returning to England and joining one of the big(ger?) clubs there (Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal) ,but it seems no one is interested in signing him.

Owen clearly wants to move from Madrid. He has not established any long-term roots in the city, does not speak the language and the arrival of two new Brazilians, Julio Baptista and Robinho, means he could now be the fifth-choice striker at Real, a long way behind the front runners, Raul and Ronaldo.

I’m thinking there’s an agent here that has really messed things up.

While Real might sell Owen for around £10 million, providing them with a £2 million profit on what they paid Liverpool last season, there are Owen’s considerable wages, which are believed to be near £5 million a year, to be taken into account.

So, it looks like Owen may return to Merseyside and join the Reds on loan. I wonder how the Kopites will react? I’m sure they’ll forget everything once he starts knocking them in.


3 responses to “How to end your career £1 million at a time.

  1. i find it quite interesting that the four “biggest” clubs in england are not in any big hurry to sign “england’s top striker.”

    it seems like he has built himself a reputation in the footy world that excedes his talent or no one wants to deal with the scum that is real madrid.

  2. C’mon Daz…building a reputation in the footie world that excedes your talent is something that Beckham has perfected. It’s not anything new…they just have good agents. 🙂

  3. the difference is Beckham’s increases his value whereas Mickey’s seems to decrease his. mickey appears to bring along baggage that is not worth #10million and his wage packet.

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