Thank God Nick Green gets it.

LA play Chivas tonight in the Open Cup. Because the X-Games are in town the pitch at the HDC is covered in dirt…lots of dirt. So, even though both teams play home games in the stadium, the game has been moved next door to the Track & Field Stadium. It’s actually not an awful venue and may create a decent atmosphere. Thing is, the Cup doesn’t get the attention from fans and media it deserves…but at least Nick Green with the Daily Breeze is getting the word out. Hopefully, the place will be packed tonight.

For Chivas, the season has been a major disappointment. Yeah, they are an expansion team, but I’m sure they were hoping for better. A win tonight could change their entire season…and even if they still miss out on the playoffs, a decent run in the Cup is something positive to build on after this season ends.

The Galaxy is in the middle of a slump of sorts. Some fans will argue they’ve had a road slump going on since they left the Rose Bowl…but that’s another story. The season isn’t going as well as most fans would have wanted and a run in the Cup could be a good kickstart.

Of course, all too often in MLS coaches play their reserves in these games. But with the new reserve teams playing a 22 game season, there’s not as much need as in the past. We’ll probably see a few starters rested but I’m sure there will be some pretty decent line-ups taking the pitch tonight.

The rest of the 4th round games tonight will see.

Interestingly, audio commentary is available for all the games except the one where both teams are at home (LA-Chivas). Find out info on the games and any webcasts at


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