I guess pigs do fly

It’s been about 5 years since we first heard talk about the MetroStars getting their own stadium. Harrison has been the focus of the talks…but every time it looks like things are about to happen, something pushes things back. Honestly, I never thought it would happen. However, it’s official, the Metros will their own stadium in Harrison.

It looks like the big sticking point was that the city/county didn’t want to use any taxpayer money to get the facility built. AEG will foot the bill. However, the city/county will fund needed infrastructure changes.

In all it sounds like a good deal for everyone. With Dallas getting their stadium this weekend, Columbus and LA enjoying theirs and new stadiums on the way in Chicago and Denver and probably in DC and Salt Lake…you get the feeling this league will be around for a while.

Someone remind me. Back in the early 90’s when USSF was deciding which proposed league they would back as the First Division in this country, one of the also-rans had a proposal which included building stadiums for each teams and incorporating them with entertainment centers. Looks like that plan wasn’t so harebrained after all.


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